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Options for cash

Step 1: Learn from the successes and failures of others.
Step 2: Implement and avoid them, respectively.
Step 3: Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3.

We hear this all the time:

"I like short term trading but I want to learn how to apply the endless number of tools successfully WITHOUT having to pay ridiculous amounts of monthly fees to "trading courses"!! 

I also think I'm a pretty smart person to do this on my own, but in reality I also know the more smart people I team up with the faster and better I can get to my goals."


For a few years we observed many different trading systems by quite smart traders and examined which strategies worked consistently and which did not. As you would expect, we found higher profits involved higher risks. We took ideas from highly profitable successful traders and tried combining successful strategies which lowered risk. We have been using the resulting set of successful trading strategies from about 2009 to 2012 and outperforming the general market each year with double digit gains the those years. In February, 2013, we started to publicly post all of our trades in real time on a website blog to document the results of using those trading strategies. The results were remarkably consistent, we outperformed the general market each year since starting the blog with double digit gains each year again (2013 and 2014). In January, 2015, we expanded our website blog to include charts, signals, reward:risk calculations, basic fundamental projections, etc. We summarized the strategies used in an understandable concept. We called the concept Optionsforcash Strategies. We finished 2015 up double digits again and beating the general market soundly!

And we have not looked back since!

The expanded blog features are quite detailed.  Each equity has its own thread for complete commentary from initial position, subsequent price actions, closing the position.   You can now read the entire trading history of a specific equity and see for yourself the results over time if you had re-invested the gains, or taken a loss. You can read about the strategies used for the specific equity. As you read case after case you will quickly comprehend the basics of the Optionforcash Strategies.  We find using the case-study method, which is used by professional degree universities in law, medicine, & business around the world, is one of the best ways to learn and then apply trading strategies. Plus, we post ideas contributed from other blog readers which accelerates our learning (Step 1).  Armed with tools for implementing successful trades and avoiding the pitfalls of failed ones, we can move forward in your own short term trading (Step 2).  Repeat Step 1 and 2 as we build up consistency in our successful short term trading!!


Email us if you have some suggestions or trading ideas.  When signing up please use an email address with which you are able to reply to any correspondence.  Also we can send you your password if you have forgotten it. If we cannot get a reply, the sign-up can be terminated.  We do NOT sell any email addresses. Of course, all discussions about trading ideas are not recommendations and do not have any assurance of successfully making a profit.  We also cannot verify the claims of readers who submit their trading ideas.  This is a group discussion and participation is always voluntary. 



For a limited time: Would you like to see the buy signals of your stock?  I will run the Optionsforcash Strategies on the stock you pick and send you the chart with past and recent buy signals! No obligation!  See for yourself if my buy signals would have increased the probability of a profitable trade! Just type in "free chart offer" in the message!

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