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4/2022 SV and SVSVW (warrants).  This is a SPAC in the process of merging with NuScale, a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) company that has engineering designs already approved by US gov and business agreement with Poland to install the project.  You can bet Poland wants this SMR installed yesterday!  SV has been gathering successful Private Investments in a Public Equity (PIPE) funding to meet milestones for the merger. There are many European countries that favor nuclear energy and also announcing their interest in SMR. Again, you can bet they want SMR installed yesterday!  USA gov is also funding nuclear sector as part of infrastructure fundings. Look at share prices of CCJ 9 uranium stock) and EXC (large cap nuclear energy business) which are setting new highs. If SV merger is successful, I expect much higher share price for the resulting stock. REE, EV chassis company, has business relationship with MGA.  Has prototypes being tested now at major delivery company.  High risk, but has footprint in Europe and Austin, TX. MARA, Marathon Digital, a bitcoin mining company.  It is said that if you think gold prices are going up, you should buy gold mining companies. Well a similar logic can apply to bitcoin.  MARA announced recently on their own website with stunning graphs and charts, they increased Jan 2022 bitcoin production to 450 bitcoin from Jan 2021 bitcoin production of 50 bitcoin.  That is 9X! This is just the start because the graphs show by early 2023 they will have even more mining capacity as they install more machines through 2022 and into 2023. You can do all sorts of financial ratios based on number of bitcoin produced, price of bitcoin, market cap, etc.  But if a gold mining company said they were going to be pulling out 9X more gold mining, that would be ridiculously good news.  READ EVERYTHING ON THIER RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Notice the rather large percent of short float volume for MARA too. Short squeeze coming? EDU, New Oriental Education and Technology Group, a China tutoring company, has cratered ever since China gov announced in early 2021 such companies must be run as non-profit for K through 9th. However, tutoring is still allowed as for-profit for higher education.  This is interesting because as the following article implies, companies had significant revenue from tutoring beyond the K-9 curriculum.  We also see some big name institutional buying of EDU stock at end of Sept and Dec quarters, well after the announcement by China.  Notice that the article mentions none of the big companies took China gov offer to tutor K-9 as a non-profit.  The demand for such tutoring is not going to go away. If China gov let's up on the non-profit requirement, EDU stock should pop. 2/2022: 

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