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New SCAN feature finds the stocks that meet our proprietary buy signals! New automatically drawn in buy signals (green vertical dotted lines) on any stock or ETF so you can see the reliability of past signals increasing the probability of a profitable trade! This trading system will not be found on any other website, book, or video! 


Limited Time: $1497* for written instructions of Optionsforcash Strategies. For limited time, includes joining private Stock Forum of traders for FREE!* Includes Optionsforcash Strategy SCANNER!Includes buy signals automatically drawn on the charts!

*The Stock Forum has hundreds of charts, graphs, discussion as case studies of how to use Optionsforcash Strategies.  I will personally guide you and answer questions about using Optionsforcash Strategies to improve your trading.  Team Trading for the benefit of all traders is the goal on the Stock Forum.   

Only $1497 for Optionsforcash Strategy in written format with links on email attachments.  EVERYTHING you need to trade on your own!!  This is a one time cost to receive all of our Optionsforcash Strategies which have increased our probability of successful trading to beat the returns of SP500 for more than 10 years.   Now for limited time, your purchase INCLUDES FREE access to the stock forum and hundreds of documented trades using the Optionforcash Strategies.  I post my actual trades with charts, graphs, discussion, and more! Hundreds of case study trades! NO SUBSCRIPTION COSTS! 

Bonus#1 Optionsforcash Daily Routine Checklist.

Bonus#2 How to trade options instructions.

Bonus#3 Karen SuperTrader instructions in writing!

Bonus#4 ThinkScript Code for %IVR drop after EPS release! Critical info for selling options for $$$$! See sample below. **

Bonus#5 Several links to data resources for insider buying, eps dates and estimates, etc.

Order here to receive the above by email asap.  No snail mail!

Bonus#6 NEW! Optionsforcash Strategy SCANNER for use on Think or Swim platform! Creates a list of stocks that meet criteria to consider buying to go long for the current trading day! See sample of list below.

*Price increase will occur as enhancements to Optionsforcash Strategies occur.  Buy now to lock in price and get specific enhancements FREE!!

Trading Lessons, Insider Trading data, EPS historical data, EPS Estimates & Whisper data, Ex-dividend & Payment Dates, Leveraged ETFs, Demand & Supply Zone, Divergence, and much more for subscribers!  

**IVR is Implied Volatility Percentile Rank GRAPH!  If you knew the past % drop in the IVR upon earnings release, then you could anticipate option decay!  For option sellers that is critical information to make $$$$!! This computer code is for the Thinkorswim platform only.  This computer code is only available with purchase from this site. Upon receipt and clearance of your payment, the computer code will be sent to you by email so that it can be copied and pasted into the studies platform.  Here is a sample GRAPH of the profound percentage drops that occur on a regular basis for a sample stock options...

Example of IVR percentile rank GRAPH.png

Buy signals (green vertical dotted lines) automatically drawn in for each stock or ETF.

SP500 follow up chart.png
VIRT follow up chart.png
AXP follow up chart.png
TRTN EBAY follow up chart.png
CRWD follow up chart.png
qdel follow up chart.png
ADAP follow up chart.png
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